You must WANT to be there
You must WANT to be there, and do what they instruct you even if it doesn’t make sense - it's going to make sense later. At first the meetings and counseling will appear ineffective, however after you’re out you really start to incorporate what you realized into your life, and also you’re better supported during recovery. Don’t be afraid to show emotion or take part in group. Also, boasting about or exaggerating what you’ve done is pointless, because you’re there to end that life, not celebrate it.
, Pembroke Pines Jul 23, 2011

Everyone is extremely knowledgeable and eager to help
They teach you what to do whenever you’re confronted with your triggers in 'real life,’ and the way to avoid relapsing. They introduced me to people in 12-step programs, and helped me transition right into a sober living home after my ninety days. The staff and therapists at Drug Rehab Pembroke are there to help you; however you should give in to their suggestions. Everyone is extremely knowledgeable and eager to help, so let them.
, Pembroke Pines Nov 17, 2011

I’m so incredibly grateful.
It was years before I noticed that my drug use had destroyed my relationships with everyone I loved. Everything I loved could be lost to me if I hadn’t made the decision to get clean. Drug Rehab Pembroke was comfortable, clean, and friendly. Their employees were also very experienced and knowledgeable, and every day is organized to the hour. I know that if I hadn’t finally called Drug Rehab Pembroke’s hotline and requested help, then I'd never have my life back. I’m so incredibly grateful.
, Pembroke Pines Aug 8, 2011

I didn’t have to remain silent and try to get sober alone.
Drug Rehab Pembroke has a very compassionate and educated staff. Although I really hated group work at first, I feel it was a very powerful part of rehab. I didn’t want to share because I was ashamed and embarrassed of my behavior when I was using. But the therapists pushed me, and after listening to others I realized that everybody was just like me, and I didn’t have to remain silent and try to get sober alone.
, Pembroke Pines Jan 2, 2011

You can make rehab work for you
Completing the program at Drug Rehab Pembroke has been one of the most important, positive influences on my life. A lot of people don’t actually understand that the facility is for people attempting to recover from active addictions, and they’re not on vacation. As long as you keep in mind that, and use the tools they offer you to get well and not try to ‘hook up’ with your housemates, then you can make rehab work for you.
, Pembroke Pines Feb 3, 2011
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