What is an Intervention?

Many television shows and movies have depicted a specific kind of intervention. Friends and family gather together, often with a religious figure/leader attending, and each takes a turn reading how the person’s addiction has affected and harmed them. This is one form of direct intervention and is generally the only one portrayed by Hollywood, but in truth there are many different ways an intervention can be conducted.

One way or another, the goal of an intervention is to approach someone with a substance abuse problem in a non-threatening way and help them see their destructive behavior, and agree to get help. Too often someone with an addiction will be in denial, insisting that they can “stop any time they want to” or will simply flat-out refute any claim that they are using addictive substances. The most important part of an intervention, however, is the approach and tone of the event. Family can get defensive with one another, and so it is important to make sure that everyone is coming together in compassion and love for the person who needs help.

Is an Intervention Considered Treatment?

No, an intervention is not a part of treatment and should not be considered as such. An intervention often necessary in order to help an addict come to the conclusion that they need help, but it does nothing to treat the physical nor the psychological dependency. Treatment is the help that the intervention seeks to get the substance abuser into.

The Experts

There is a lot of information to be had when it comes to addiction and interventions. A lot of it can be overwhelming for someone who is trying to find help for a friend or family member, but that is why there are experts available. There is such a thing as an interventionist. This is someone who specializes in addiction and interventions, and helping people come to terms with their own problems. These specialists can help to identify the right kind of intervention that is necessary for the person in danger.

Call 954-210-4010 to speak to an expert in addiction. If necessary, we can put you in touch with an interventionist who can guide you to the right approach. They can even attend the intervention and make sure that it stays on track in the event people start getting defensive. If you are someone struggling with substance abuse and you are looking for help, this number can also put you in touch with people who can help you get the help you need for the life you deserve.

It’s never too late to turn things around and build a better life, so call and take the first step towards a better, healthier, clearer tomorrow.