Every morning
we wake up

is a second chance
to starting things over.


because "later" often
means "never."

first step

is always the hard one.
The second step comes naturally.

Pembroke Pines Rehabilitation

Life is a wonderful thing, designed to be enjoyed and explored to the fullest. But sometimes our minds latch onto something that takes away all other priorities in favor of this something, regardless of the collateral damage that ensues. This is addiction, and it is relentless and indiscriminate. Addiction can be either physical or psychological, though physical addictions often form psychological dependencies through habit. Physical addictions are caused by substances with addictive properties or chemicals that force the body to become dependent on them. Whereas a psychological addiction is a perceived dependency by the mind that is virtually incurable. A psychological addiction can form on just about anything: an addictive substance, a non-addictive substance, and even an activity that stimulates pleasure in the brain. These require therapy in order to overcome.

When an addiction takes hold, whether through drugs or alcohol, the ability to deny the substance is removed. Willpower goes out the window because the mind has put this substance at the top of its priority list, forsaking any and all other necessities. Work, social lives, school, finances, even relationships slowly decay.

This all sounds scary, and it should, but be comforted in the knowledge that there is help out there. Experts are available in the field of addiction and can give you the information needed to help your loved ones. Call 954-210-4010 to speak to the experts about rehabilitation.

What is Rehab?

Rehabilitation is the treatment stage that comes after detox. While detox is known to be treatment by many recovery services, we believe detox is only a component of treatment. Detox takes care of the physical addiction by helping the client wean off of the substance and medically manage their withdrawal symptoms. Once the body is free of the substance, the physical dependency is over, but this doesn’t address the psychological dependency that has formed over time. This is what rehab is for.

By utilizing multiple forms of therapy, clients learn how to be productive members of society without the use of drugs or alcohol. Sometimes victims of substance abuse feel trapped in their addiction, and this doesn’t always end after detox. Rehab helps clients identify their triggers, the people, places, things or stresses that drive them to use, and develop the necessary skills to defy these triggers and live a clean or sober life.

Get Help Today

There are many options available when it comes to seeking help. Sometimes the hardest part is taking the first step, the rest comes naturally and we’ll be here to help you every step of the way. One of the other difficult parts of getting help is accepting the fact that sometimes it is necessary to leave home. Home is comfortable, but it is unfortunately also full of triggers that can cause a person to relapse.

A new environment can do the mind and body a lot of good, especially while going through rehab. Getting away from triggers puts the client in a healthy, safe environment to recover in.